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Quinta do Mar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Quinta do Mar?

Quinta do Mar is located between Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago with fantastic beach access. 

Is Quinta do Mar a resort?

Quinta do Mar can be classified as a ‘mini-resort’. There is no reception area, but there is 24hr security and it is the process of upgrading the communal sports facilities.

How many properties are there in Quinta do Mar?

There are 39 standalone villas and 14 apartments in Quinta do Mar. 

What’s the price range for properties in Quinta do Mar?

Prices vary in Quinta do Mar based on property type, number of bedrooms, orientation etc. For example, villas in Quinta do Mar can start at around €1.95m. (Prices correct as of Summer 2020). For more detailed price information,  please watch our full video guide.

Do I need to pay a condominium charge?

Yes, there is a condominium charge in Quinta do Mar.

Where can I view Vendici’s full selection of properties?

You can click here to find Vendici’s full selection of properties in all of our areas.

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 Quinta do Mar