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Mortgages in Portugal for Non Residents

Written on Sunday 28 February 2021

If a mortgage is required to purchase your property then there are various options available to you.

Currently (as at December 2020) on offer are,

• Standard rates are 1% over Euribor which is more or less minus at present

• Loan to value (LTV) is 60% for non residents at Bank Inter, 70% at Santander

• Fixed terms of 5 /10/ 15 years. Maximum period is 40 years subject to current rate

Getting a quick response from any of our suggested providers is all about having all of your documents in order, they will ask for a lot of information and the sooner you can get it to them the sooner you will get a decision but remember you can start the process BEFORE you have found a property.

Vendici do not take any commission for referrals unlike other agents… going direct you should get the best rates available. Also, in order to submit a mortgage application you will be required to provide:

  • Application Bank Form
  • Open a Bank Account 
  • Copy of Passport 
  • Portuguese Tax Number (Fiscal Number) which you can obtain directly or your lawyer can arrange for you.
  • Bank Statements for 3 months prior to application
  • Proof of any Savings or Investment Accounts
  • Proof of Residence i.e. utility bill
  • Copy of last year’s income tax declaration (3 years with dividends/ bonus)
  • Last 3 years Audited Company Accounts (if self employed)
  • Letter from employer confirming length of service and gross annual salary
  • 3 previous months Payslips / Income Statement for Retirees
  • Property Documents (Plans, title certificate, name and contact for valuation)
  • Full Credit report with scoring

We suggest you contact any of the following organisations in the first instance:

Name : Jose Vieira
Mobile No : 00351 938 885 574
Email :
Company : Santander Totta Bank – Almancil

Name : Ricardo Camacho, Branch Director
Mobile No : 00351 914 458 096
Email :
Website :

Name : Rui Laureiro
Mobile No. : 00351 913 497 325
Email :
Company : Bank Inter - Almancil (opposite Apolonia)

Click to download a printable version of the information in this blog post- Vendici Properties Fact Sheet 2.3 Mortgages in Portugal for Non Residents

For Further Information or Assistance Please do not hesitate to contact :
Email : or Mobile : +351 919 592 097

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