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Lockdown in Portugal - Updated 13th Sept. 2021

Written on Sunday 30 May 2021


Updated 13th September 2021

The Government announced on 20th August that the Situation of Contingency throughout mainland Portugal will remain in place until 30th September 2021.  

With more than 70% of the Portuguese population already fully vaccinated the Government decided to advance to the 2nd Phase of the plan for the lifting of restrictions.

Among the rules changes effective from 23rd August are restaurants and cafes can now have a maximum limit of 8 people per group inside and groups of up to 15 people outside, events such as weddings, christenings, cultural events have a maximum capacity of 75%. There are no restrictions on passengers in taxis or public transport.

The three factors which justify this measure are:

  • Continued rate of vaccination
  • The Delta variant is predominant across all of Portugal
  • Greater mobility across Portugal because of holidays

That said, the use of the DIGITAL CERTIFICATE (which proves that someone has been vaccinated) will increase and become more intensive and will be mandatory when:

  • Internal access to restaurants during the weekend and public holidays
  • Travelling by sea or air
  • In tourist establishments of local accommodation (AL)
  • In gyms, spas and thermal baths
  • In casinos
  • For events with more than 1000 people (outside) or 500 (inside)
  • Weddings, christenings and festivities with more than 10 people

The phases are defined as follows:

Phase 1 – End of Curfew (1st August) - COMPLETED

  • End of curfew on public roads
  • Sporting events with an audience will be allowed
  • Cultural shows will be allowed with 66% capacity
  • Weddings and Christenings will be allowed with a capacity of 50%
  • Amusement parks may start reopening and operating again in line with local authority guidelines
  • Telework goes from mandatory to recommended, when activities permit

In this phase bars and nightclubs remain closed and popular festivals and pilgrimages are still not allowed. The prohibition of alcohol on public roads will remain in place for the coming weeks to avoid and discourage gatherings in the streets.

Phase 2 – End of mask use on public roads (originally early September) - Brought forward to 23rd August - Ongoing

  • End of compulsory masks on public roads
  • Weddings and Christenings 75% of full capacity
  • Cultural shows 75% capacity
  • Public transport with no capacity limit
  • Public suffices and services open without prior booking

With effect from 13th Sept, the wearing of face masks in public places is OPTIONAL.

Phase 3 – Reopening of bars and nightclubs (October)

Bars and nightclubs will open – with the need to present a digital certificate AND a negative test. Also, at this time restaurants will no longer have limitations on the capacity of their space.

The Portuguese Government reiterated that it will continue to maintain permanent monitoring of the situation and will not hesitate to stop or reintroduce measures in the easing of lockdown, if necessary.

Below is a pictorial view of the changes which were introduced on 23rd August 2021:

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